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Gene expression can be influenced through lifestyle choices as well as nutrition. With ageLOC science we have an understanding of how YGCs influence aging. We are able to develop products that support the healthy expression of these YGCs to help us feel more like we did when we were younger. Initial research findings from our exclusive partner, LifeGen Technologies, have revealed several potential ingredients shown to oppose age-related changes in expression of key gene groups associated with aging. We are now able to identify, target, and reset a specific YGC related to vitality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ageLOC Vitality work?
ageLOC Vitality is formulated to address the sources of age-related vitality loss. By supporting healthy, youthful expression of a mitochondria-related YGC, it promotes optimal mitochondrial performance to help your cells produce energy more efficiently. This exclusive ageLOC
Vitality blend improves three key areas of vitality-physical vigor, mental acuity, and sexual drive.

How is ageLOC Vitality different from typical energy drinks or supplements?
Unlike many products currently on the market, ageLOC Vitality is not designed to provide a quick fix or boost. Instead, it is formulated to raise and maintain a person's baseline energy level for a long-term and sustained increase in overall vitality. This helps people avoid the ups and downs
of caffeinated and high-sugar drinks and supplements.

How quickly will I experience benefits from ageLOC Vitality?
ageLOC Vitality is not a stimulant and is designed to raise overall levels of vitality with consistent use. When people take ageLOC Vitality as directed, they should notice benefits within two to four weeks.

What should I feel when I take ageLOC Vitality?
When ageLOC Vitality is taken regularly, noticeable benefits should include improvement in stamina and physical capacity, improved mental acuity or sharpness, and increased levels of sexual drive.

Is there anyone who shouldn't use ageLOC Vitality?
ageLOC Vitality contains a blend of safe and well studied fruit and phytonutrients and is suitable for all healthy adults. Concurrent use of ageLOC Vitality with prescription drugs has not been assessed; however third party studies of the individual ingredients provide useful insights to physicians advising their patients.

Pro Athletes
ageLOC Vitality has been approved as a non-banned substance by the Olympic & Pro Athletic Committee.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 3 Capsules Servings Per Container 60
ageLOC™ Vitality Blend 1135 mg *
Cordyceps Cs-4 Mushroom Mycelia (Cordyceps sinensis [Berk.] Sacc.), Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Fruit Extract, Pharmanex Asian Ginseng Rb1 (Panax ginseng) Root Extract
*Daily value not established

Other Ingredients include:
Microcrystalline Cellulose, Capsule (Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide), Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide.

Each bottle contains a 1 month supply of ageLOC Vitality capsules.

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About Pharmanex:
Pharmanex was founded by Dr. Michael Chang. Dr. Chang, who was formerly Deputy Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Merck and then went on to become Director of Medical Chemistry at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, two of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, resigned his position in order to form a new company that would apply modern pharmaceutical standards of research and quality control to the haphazard nutritional products industry. He assembled a highly professional team of scientists from the pharmaceutical industry's top minds.

About Dr. Joe Chang:
Dr. Chang, Ph.D. is the Chief Science Officer at Pharmanex and is not your average scientist. In addition to other significant discoveries, Dr. Chang led a team of Scientists at Wyeth-Ayerst, who developed the very first organ transplant anti-rejection drug (Rapamune). Rapamune is currently the 2nd most prescribed anti-rejection drug used today. Dr. Chang has developed 3 major pharmaceutical drugs and yet believes that ageLOC is an anti-aging product development platform that surpasses all of his previous accomplishments.

More about our company:

  • Publicly Traded on NYSE (NUS)
  • Dunn & Bradstreet 5A-1 Rating
  • Operating in 50 Countries
  • In Business Over 25 Years
  • Corporate Office is in Provo, UT
  • $1.3 Billion Annual Sales (2009)
  • Over $600 Million in Assets
  • Ranked #5 on Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Mid-Cap Companies (April, 2010)
  • Recieved a Stevie Award for the Most Innovative Co. (June, 2010)
  • Pharmanex is a Division of Nu Skin Enterprises
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