Pharmanex Ageloc

Pharmanex ageLOC VitalityAgeLOC represents the creation of an entirely new anti-aging paradigm. Our objective is to deliver benefits both in the way we look and the way we feel. The new ageLOC Vitality supplement targets the sources of age-related vitality loss by resetting Youth Gene Clusters (YGCs) associated with the production and maintenance of youthfulness. ageLOC Vitality provides noticeable improvements in the three dimensions of vitality:

  • Physical
    Endurance, Stamina, Resistance to Fatigue
  • Mental
    Cognition Clarity, Focus, Memory Alertness
  • Sexual
    Desire, Libido

The same science that produced such dramatic visible skin results is now being utilized in the development of a product that will target the sources of aging on the inside to delay the onset of aging and extend youthful life.

Deep inside each of our cells, tiny "cellular power plants" create the chemical energy of life. Called mitochondria, these organelles never sleep, continuously delivering the energy molecule ATP that powers every cellular process. As we age, however, the activity patterns of the Youth Gene Clusters that govern our mitochondria shift, with the result that our mitochondria don't perform with the same youthful vigor that they once did. This age-related shift in our genetic activity might leave us feeling less and less of the youthful vitality we felt more often in our teens and twenties. Our stamina can decrease, and our physical capacity to do all the things we love is weakened. Even our sexual drive and performance can drop as these changes occur over the years.

But, we believe our DNA is not our destiny. The key insight of the ageLOC era is that we can develop products that help us feel more like we did when we were young, based upon our understanding of how Youth Gene Clusters influence aging. ageLOC science will now target Youth Gene Clusters related to mitochondria and vitality and reset them to more youthful patterns.

The bottom line is that ageLOC is the biggest discovery in anti-aging to date. It is a multi-billion dollar discovery that will allows people to reverse aging at a genetic level. It is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. Nobody has ever been able to influence the expression of a collective body of genes until now and the results are staggering.



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